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Move on. That is the best way when you are upset. Not all people will really appreciate and like us the way we expect them to. But be reminded that there were a lot of people in surrounds you who will love, understand and respect you even beyond your expectation. Cheer up, blessed to be stressed!

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Have you been the cause of someone else’s sin?

“Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.”

This Zulu proverb meant that no man is an island. We are interconnected with each other. Our action has an effect on other people even those we do not know in a positive or negative way without us knowing.

Thus, making one lead to a sinful way intentionally is a grave sin as a Christian as we are suppose to be directed as good influence while proving on God’s people how great and good He is the way we live our life. Count your blessings and be a blessing to every person that you meet.

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What spiritual preparations are you doing for the future?

In today’s gospel it talks about the parable that we should be prepared may it be for the second coming of Christ or of death. We should always be ready to face our creator and excited to tell Him of our accomplishments as his disciple in words and actions in our daily life.

In whatever situation we are into for the moment let us not forget that the world we are living in is just a temporary place for us to enjoy and that temptation and worldly riches were just meant to be enjoyed here in this world. Earthly treasures will satisfy our physical and emotional needs but we should not forget to also fill our spiritual needs.

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Do you take time to listen to the inner voice of the sacred calling?

Do you not know that you are the temple of God?

– 1 Corinthians 3:16

Nowadays, each one of us competes to survive to achieve more and the best of the world have to offer that often times conflict with our morals and sacredness. That with the noise of the world, we forget to listen to the inner voice that calls us to holiness and faith. We even neglect the importance of ourselves because we want to impress the people around us. We want them to be happy and we forget to care and love ourselves.

Take time to think and reflect today. Your soul and body also needs nourishment and love.

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What cross are you carrying right now?

Every single day of our life we encounter or experience different crosses in life – may it be personal, family, work, friendship or relationship. But what really matters most?

In this worldly life we have, we tend to acquire more material things that we forget that what really matter is our relationship with ourselves, family, friends, colleagues and above all to God. We forget that everything is just temporary. It keeps on changing. Life changes without us noticing that it even solves its own problems and concerns. We forget that we are here in this to share the love that God made us feel. Love that conquers all things. Love that forces us to do more.

Thus, no matter what worries you have, feel the love, and that passion will be your burning fire to keep on moving in every endeavor in life. Pray that love surpasses your problem. Believe that we have God who loves you no matter how messy you are and can be. Because God is love.

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Its really true that when your life changes, thus the circle of people you are with. But still, those true and real people will always and forever stay with you no matter what changes of your life occurs and those were people that for keeps. As the adage says, ” Blood is thicker than water but loyalty is thicker than blood.”

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Life sometimes is so complicated or is it just our own desires and need that complicates life?

Undeniably, there were people and things that stays with us but we do not and can not appreciates their existence in our life and there were also those we pursue yet we do not and can not have.

There comes then the complication in our life, that we took them for granted and only appreciate if we already lost them. Thus, we should be appreciative and happy of what we have without neglecting where want to or what we want to have.

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Don’t Give Up

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In whatever aspect of our life, there comes a time that we are losing hope. We seem to think that it’s already the end. Game over. Because we tend not to think that there is more than our worries, concerns and problems. We forget the people, dreams and God that loves, respects and accepts us no matter what state we are into.

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Don’t Felt Guilt, You’re Innocent

There were really time in our life that we felt disappointed when the person that we believe will understand us will confront us on the rumor s/he had heard from someone who would just want to ruin our reputation. I personally had experience this but I did not felt any guilt because I know who I am and what I am capable of doing. I know that no matter what they say against me my conscience is clear as I know that I cannot and will not do what they are saying against me.

I don’t felt that guilt because those were purely accusations. They create stories on their mind on what they are actually doing. Remember, thinkers are doers. They might believe that since they are doing it I might hear what they practice and I might also follow. I know will if its good but if its beyond the morals why should I follow it?

I’m innocent so I know that I have nothing to do with their accusations, I would still smile on them. I would like to kill them with my kindness and hopefully they will ask forgiveness though I have already given it to hem without them asking.

Love lots,