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July 01, 2017 Reading

Genesis 18:1-15
Luke 1:46-47,48-49,50,53,54-55
Matthew 8:5-17

“Do this,” and he does it.
~Matthew 8:17

In today’s reading, I’m also amazed with the faith of the centurion as against to the doubt of Sarah to the Lord’s will. We may doubting in our own abilities and capabilities but God can make and transform our life with marvelous deeds.

In our life, we also gone through both of these stages wherein we always believe that our Father in heaven will grant the desires and wishes of our hearts every time we’re praying unto Him. We want it to happen the way we want and imagine it in our little minds without thinking that we can’t dictate God and let Him follow us because He knows more than we can the better plans for us to be molded and prepared for greater things. On the other hand, there were also times that we are already experiencing the will of God but our hard and cold heart would still not believe that God can make an amazing things and event in our life beyond our expectations and comprehensions.

We all know that we can’t have and get all our wishes and dreams but we may enjoy and be contented what we had. We may have a happy and thankful heart. And we’ll attract more blessings even without asking them because God knows first before we even think about it.

Dear God, thank you for amazing me. May I use myself to amazed more servant yours. Again thank you and love you.

Love lots,



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