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July 12, 2017 Readings

Genesis 41:55-57, 42:5-7, 17-24

Psalm 33:2-3, 10-11, 18-19

Matthew 10:1-7

Because the famine was severe everywhere.

Genesis 41:57

Famine. In my perspective, for today’s generation this does not refer only to the basic needs like food and water but as well as our spiritual need. We burden too much on working to have these needs to the point that we forget that there is God who can and will provide our needs without even asking them. He alone is the source of all our needs according to his will.

But this famine is only on temporary state if we allow God to enter in our lives and we turn back to Him. But this decision is only upon us as there were lots of temptations in our daily lives that compel us on living a worldly life that was been a new culture already. That which, morals were bypassed, relationships were neglected, and humans were being used to get what the influential and powerful people wants.

May we wake up on this practices and live our life to the will of God despite of our willpower. We have to seize our life to serve His people to prove them how great and good God is.

Dear God, thank you always for bountifully giving my needs without even asking them.

Love lots,



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