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July 13, 2017 Readings

Genesis 44:18-21, 23-29; 45:1-5

Psalm 105:16-17, 18-19, 20-21

Matthew 10:7-15

Freely you have received; freely give.

Matthew 10:8

Giving is an act in which you are sharing part of what you have to someone. It is by giving that will show how selfless we are just to make someone happy and fulfilled. Giving is a choice which aims to make someone happy. Happiness that we also aims that will last until eternity. That chain might be never-ending and will spread throughout the world.

In this world where everyone want to acquire and receive more even its not due to them, very often we can encounter someone who will really freely give without expecting anything in return. It’s sad but true.

Actually I have read that there were three kind of givers. The first one is an unconditional giver: the one who will give anytime, anywhere without expecting anything in return. For this type of person, he gives naturally as he believe that giving is a way of life. The second one is the conditional giver: the one who will give because he’s thinking that something will be given back to him or credited to him when gives. While the third one is someone who gives when we was being asked and willingly wants to give. This person needs to be asked for him to help. Among these three, what kind of giver are you?

Dear God, thank you always and may I naturally give to your people to prove them how great and good my God is.

Love lots,



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