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Don’t Felt Guilt, You’re Innocent

There were really time in our life that we felt disappointed when the person that we believe will understand us will confront us on the rumor s/he had heard from someone who would just want to ruin our reputation. I personally had experience this but I did not felt any guilt because I know who I am and what I am capable of doing. I know that no matter what they say against me my conscience is clear as I know that I cannot and will not do what they are saying against me.

I don’t felt that guilt because those were purely accusations. They create stories on their mind on what they are actually doing. Remember, thinkers are doers. They might believe that since they are doing it I might hear what they practice and I might also follow. I know will if its good but if its beyond the morals why should I follow it?

I’m innocent so I know that I have nothing to do with their accusations, I would still smile on them. I would like to kill them with my kindness and hopefully they will ask forgiveness though I have already given it to hem without them asking.

Love lots,



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